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Welcome to Our Site!

Chad Basin Development Authority was established in 1973 by decree no. 32. It is a federal government parastatal under the federal ministry of agriculture and water resources. Decree No.32 was amended by decree No.37 of 1976 and consolidated by decree No.87 of 1979. decree No. 35 of 1987 re-adjusted the boundaries to cover parts of Adamawa North and re-defined the statutory functions of the authority to make it a WATER RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT AGENCY.

About Us

In the pre-historic periods, the lake was a vast inland sea with its Western shoreline in the present position of Maiduguri town-thus more then 160 kilometres from its present shoreline.

Irrigation Project

Due to the unpredictable nature of the Lake Chad and in order to diversify its activities, the Authority established good number of Minor irrigation Schemes spread in its statutory areas of operation.

Our Vision

To provide sustainable access to safe and sufficient water resources to meet the cultural, social and economic development needs of all Nigerians, for all uses, in way that contributes to enhancing public

Our Mission

To be the vehicle of the nation’s integrated water resources management contributing optimally to the socioeconomic activities of the nation through comprehensive planning facilitating and creating the enabling environment

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